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Avocados straight to
your door from our sunny Northland orchards

Without middlemen. Without forced maturity. Without cool storage. Just great quality avocados.

Let's Work Together

Simply by buying Avos to Go produce, you can help support
and raise funds for schools.

Premium Northland avocados handpicked with care from our NZ Food Safety Certified orchards. Delivered directly to you.


Our Avos are picked to order on Sunday and couriered on Monday. The Avos are never coolstored and are handled and packed with the utmost care.

Green Goodness
On Wheels

We offer avocado delivery NZ-wide, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re just around the corner or feasting on silky avos down south - we can arrange delivery all over the country. Our orchards are located in Northland, known for their rich produce and ideal growing conditions. We offer speedy delivery at fair rates, so you never have to go without your fresh avo-fix. Freshly picked on a Sunday to match orders, our courier picks up on Monday ready for avocado delivery NZ-wide which you can count on!

Save that spot in your trolley with reliable
avocado deliveries instead

Don’t miss out on your homemade guac due to a poor quality selection being available!! Enjoy fresh, buttery avos when you buy avocados online. Your local supermarkets are often running thin on quality avocados, the best ones can now turn up at your door when you buy your avos online with us! Easy and convenient, and mouthwateringly fresh - get the best, delivered straight from our orchards to your door country-wide.


(and there are plenty more)
Avocados are surprisingly easy to incorporate into most dishes and are the uncomplicated and subtly flavoured food trend that we don’t see going anywhere any time soon.

Simply smashed

Smother your morning toast with silky smooth spreadable ripe avocados and enjoy the benefits of nature’s butter. Add salt and pepper to taste (or other bits and bobs like eggs, tomatoes or a splash of lemon juice.)

Sliced and diced

Your favourite salad or side dish just got so much more bountiful with sliced avocado adding colour, smooth texture and nutrition to the mix.

Dips and Hummus

Did someone say “guacamole”? Make impressive (yet easy) homemade guacamole, hummus and dips to wow your guests, or keep it all for yourself. We wouldn’t judge you for that.

Sub out mayonnaise

Any dish that requires a binding agent can benefit from avocado. Simply sub out the mayonnaise for a tasty, deliciously-good-for-you alternative.

Homemade sushi

Make authentic sushi rolls at home with a spread of avocado in the mix, adding variation, flavour and fibre to your usual sushi favourites.

Creamy Mousses

One of the best easy dessert recipes you will ever make! Creamy, rich, raw mousse made with avocado is a dairy-free, gluten-free, Paleo, refined-sugar free & vegan!

Drink it!

Blend up avocado, bananas, chia seeds, yoghurt and other healthy ingredients for a silky smoothie you will get up early for.

Vegan Baking

Did you know you can substitute butter, eggs, shortening and some oils in baking with avocado? You do now! Check out your recipe and find out the alternative amount of avocado to sub in from a little Google search!


Avos to Go consists of family-owned Maungatapere orchardists with one simple shared goal: producing and delivering sustainably the freshest avocados to households all over New Zealand. What ends up on your plate is just premium 100% Naturally Northland.

Historically, deliciously natural avocados were sold at the end of the driveway to the local passersby. You wouldn’t sell much, but the produce was fantastic, fresh and locally trusted. That homegrown touch is something our small team of Northland growers want to replicate for the larger online market. Our profits go towards helping charities and schools put healthy avocados on the table and we believe that this natural and community-focused approach is what makes our Northland produce unique - and our customers can now enjoy it from all over the country.

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