Community Avocados for Whangarei

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Emergency services and Medical staff

  • 2 kgs of delicious tasting avos

  • Order before Monday for Tuesday Delivery 

  • Orders after Monday delivered on Thursday

  • Simply enter the access code below

  • Click to choose how many bags

  • Enter your coupon code at the cart stage

2nd grade avos that taste great at affordable prices for our local community

If you love the taste of avos but dont care about how they look then this is the place to be. Our second grade avos will have some wind rub or staining marks on them which precludes them from going to export.

We have packaged 2.5 Kgs of mixed sized avos into recyclable paper bags which will be delivered to your organisation on a weekly basis. Simply add the access code then click on the link above and dont forget to add your cart code to get your order under way.

All Avos are sourced from the orchards in Northland, and these premium grade export quality avocados are delivered to you within days of being picked from our trees. They will require ripening which should take about a week before they are ready to start eating.

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