Avos to Go consists of family-owned Maungatapere orchardists with one simple shared goal: producing and delivering sustainably the freshest avocados to households all over New Zealand. What ends up on your plate is just premium 100% Naturally Northland.

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So where did we begin? And why?

Consumers are regularly frustrated with the quality of avocados offered at NZ supermarkets, while our premium fruit is packed, graded and exported overseas. Our mission is to supply this fresh premium grade fruit directly to you.


One trip around the sun

Our team did a New Zealand road trip and we took with us a bunch of our avocados. People raved about them and loved the taste and asked us why they cannot get the same at their local stores.

What was apparent was, there was a massive demand for premium avocados to be available for direct customer purchase because the store-bought produce was not living up to expectations.

Customers wanted no middlemen, no cold storage, no unnatural ripening processes – and most of all, they wanted them to taste good.

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Avos to Go

We know how to grow great avocados that taste gooood! and we want to share that with you. From our rich volcanic Northland soils, our orchards produce the highest quality natural fruit that we will deliver directly to you. We take joy that every customer who takes delivery of avocados from us is getting the quality avocado produce they expect, and all the nutritional value and health benefits that these mighty little green fruits are meant to provide.

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More than Avocados

While we love avocados, we also love our community.

With green goodness as our quality product, our team is passionate about raising funds not only to bring fresh and natural avocados to New Zealand households but also to make them readily available to all schools & charities across the country.

Our vision is to raise significant funds for societies, educational facilities and charities. The satisfaction of knowing we are able to give back to our community and provide quality nutrition at the same time is indescribable.

Good health and wellbeing start with what you eat, and we want kiwi kids and their families to have access to good food and good support, no matter what their circumstances are.

How You Can Help

Simply by buying Avos to Go produce, you can help support our goal to profit various charities and societies, if you would like to learn more about our efforts or want to learn how you can help, contact us today.

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