“Reed Avocados” – in limited supply

Packed in 16 Avo Box – price $35

By far one of the best Avocado varieties available, especially for “Avos on toast”!

The Reed avo produces a very large, round avocado that is creamy and buttery. They have no strings or fibres, and the seed separates from the flesh easily.

These green skinned beauties stay green upon ripening, and are ready to eat when soft to the touch, similar to the touch of a ripened Orange..

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You can always buy fresh avocados online at Avos To Go

Our premium, creamy hand picked avocados come straight out of our NZ Food Safety Certified Maungatepere orchards, picked to order and delivered fast to your door. With no middlemen for minimal handling, your avocado delivery arrives to you fresh and unripened without being cool stored. Our premium avocado delivery NZ-wide offers a natural and healthy alternative to butter, being made up of good fats and oils and jam-packed with potassium (even more than found in bananas!). 

There are tonnes of ways to enjoy quality avocados, including being spread on toast, blended in creamy smoothies, diced into salads, whipped up into tasty guacamole, blended with eggs and more! Order hand picked avocados online NZ-wide with fair shipping rates all over the country and a guarantee that your quality fruit will arrive to you ready to ripen and never spoiled.

Your taste for avos goes a long way to helping those in need

We strive to ensure healthy food is available to all children nationwide. We actively encourage customers, charities and schools to use our products for their own fundraisers to promote healthy, fresh eating while helping to raise funds for the causes they are passionate about.

Customer Reviews

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So happy to have Reed Avo's again!

I have ordered, and received, 3 orders of Reed Avo's from Avos to Go now. They are beautiful, absolutely delicious and I could not be happier with them. Thank you Avos to Go for having them this year and for the secure and protected way you package each order.

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